November 27, 2018 all-day
Healing Circles Langley
534 Camano Avenue, Langley
WA 98260
Donations gratefully accepted
Diana Lindsay
“Three years ago, I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. At the time, I remember feeling so alone and totally frozen with fear. A friend suggested I check out Healing Circles in Langley. From the very beginning, Healing Circles has supported me as I have walked this path. I am so grateful to have a place to be able to openly share my feelings with others who understand what I’m going through. At Healing Circles I have found friendship, resources, healing and strength to keep going. Thank you! I couldn’t do this without you.”
 –Debbie Kirchhauser
None of us knows when illness will strike, a loved one will die, or pain will take over. We can’t control whether our friends move away, or when our jobs are lost. But it’s nice to know that when tragedy, trauma, or simply loneliness shows up that there’s a place to go and people who will care.
That’s why we have Healing Circles Langley. But we can’t help people like Debbie without you.Every $25 you give gives 6 people the chance to be heard, to be supported, to heal, and to be linked to community resources. Generous community angels have already committed to match your gift up to $10,000.
Healing Circles Langley provides social and emotional support to those committed to healing well, living well, and aging well—whether that’s driven by the trauma of a recent or chronic condition, the grief of loss, or the anticipation of a life unfolding in its often mercurial and quixotic ways. Our numbers continue to increase every year—we typically have around 700 person-visits per month and 25 to 30 ongoing Circles.
Many have come to rely on what Healing Circles Langley offers. Some are able to put something in the donation box on the way out the door, but most are not. Our policy is that donations are gratefully accepted, but not expected. However, we are subject to economic realities, even with an all-volunteer organization. With your financial help, together we can continue to do what generates these responses:
“I am grateful to have shared the loss of my brother with you, to make him visible here, and to make myself less invisible.”
“Thanks for being here. My friends don’t understand how bone-tiring being a caregiver can be.”
“I enjoy the explorations of the relationships to Body, Mind and Spirit without dogma. I enjoy the consistent qualities of compassion, humor, play and creativity, intellectual stimulation and engagement with people and programs, as well as the sense of traveling this life journey with fellow pilgrims, playmates and teachers.”
“I love this place. I’m honest here, I like how that feels. I feel unconditional love for the first time in my life.”
This is the traditional Season of Giving. We ask you to please give what you can, whether that’s to Healing Circles Langley or to any of the other very worthy organizations within our community or beyond. If you don’t have money to spare…smiles are good…hugs are good…we can offer an infinite match on those.
With much appreciation and gratitude, and on behalf of all of us involved in Healing Circles Langley,
Diana & Kelly Lindsay
Program Directors