Healthy Foods for a Sharp Brain: What do I eat to enhance cognition, now that I am over 50?

February 7, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Healing Circles Langley
534 Camano Avenue, Langley, WA 98260

Healthy foods for a sharp brain: what do I eat to enhance cognition, now that I am over 50?

Choosing the right foods as we get older is critical for healthy aging. It is a simple task, but there is so much conflicting information in the media today.

Which foods are important and why?

Barb will give a short presentation to help us wade through the conflicting information from the health press and then open up the time for our questions.

Barb Schiltz, RN, MS is a registered nurse, nutrition educator and consultant with over 50 years in the clinical arena. She gained experience in the research world as a research investigator at The Functional Medicine Research Center (FMRC) in Gig Harbor, Washington, where she monitored patients undergoing clinical trials for insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, and obesity. Barb was instrumental in developing the low glycemic index, Modified Mediterranean dietary program for FirstLine Therapy. She has co-authored a book with Scott Rigden, MD, The Ultimate Metabolism Diet: Eat Right for Your Metabolic Type, as well as many journal articles. Currently, she consults for the Institute for Functional Medicine, developing various dietary programs for practitioners to use with their patients.