Lasting Letters: By Appointment, Dec. 23-27

December 23, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Frish Brandt

Frish Brandt has been writing letters all her life. Her work with Last[ing] Letters comes from an abiding faith in the irreplaceable value of contemporaneous notes both to the person writing it, and to the person receiving it.

As a letter midwife Brandt has helped people write a wide range of letters to the people they care about: Thank you letters, I’m sorry letters, I love you letters, I need to tell you something letters.  Each letter is unique; each voice, each intention is individual.  A letter can be a memento, a statement of values, a guided instruction, a story, a love letter for all time, and more. People write letters to children, to grandchildren, to spouses, to friends.

Brandt brings this work to Zen Hospice Project, Hospice by the Bay, Stanford Hospital, Vitas, Commonweal, Healing Circle Langley as well as to palliative care doctors, chaplains, and through individual inquiries.

In order to schedule an individual 60-90 minute appointment with Frish, at some time during the day between Dec. 23- 27, please contact her at:

 or phone/text 415.613.1491
*photograph courtesy joanna kosinska