Legal Medical Advocacy: What You Need to Know

December 4, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
534 Camano Avenue
WA 98260
Diana Lindsay

In this Community Conversation, we will discuss the legal documents you should have in place to ensure your care desires and requests are implemented in the event you are unable to communicate these issues on your own. Including: Durable Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives a/k/a Living Wills and Letter of Intent. We will review the Washington State Natural Death Act Declaration. We will also discuss how to practically implement these documents.

William Dussault has been practicing law in Seattle since 1972. He specializes in working with individuals and families who experience disability and seniors. He is passionate about advocacy issues and the rights of individuals to make their own choices.

Kate Dussault had a private case management company for over 15 years specializing in care management and advocacy for individuals who experience disabilities and seniors.

The Dussaults’ also have personal experience with end of life decisions and advocacy. They assisted in the care and end of life decisions with Bill’s aging father and mother, his brother who experienced and transitioned from cancer, Kate’s aging grandparents, her father who experienced and transitioned from dementia, and brother who experienced a severe disability for 29 years before transitioning in 2016. The Dussaults’ approach to life and death is based upon respect for the individual’s choice, conscious aging and compassion.