On-line: DBT Mindful Life Skills Learning Circle

May 19, 2020 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Free, donations gratefully accepted.
Tim Clark hosts this Learning Circle.  He uses Dr. Marsha Linehan’s* book:  DBT Skill’s Training, Handout’s and Worksheets, 2nd Edition, to learn to become aware of sensations, feelings, and thoughts in the present moment, and then act, in the present moment, to make life better.
Support website:   www.icelu.org
*Dr. Linehan is Professor Emeritus of Clinical Psychology at the University of Washington.

Until we can meet again in person, we are Meeting with Zoom.  Send an email to Tim Clark:  at icelu@icloud.com  and he will send you the link to join the Zoom Meeting.

Tim Clark holds an MA in Applied Behavioral Science. He is a retired Island County Designated Mental Health Professional, CDMHP,  and life-long mindful meditator.

For further information email Tim at icelu@icloud.com