PHONE: Circles of Two

September 18, 2020 all-day
by phone
Donations gratefully accepted but not expected

Healing Circles Langley is now offering Circles of Two via the telephone.

In this time of uncertainty and unrest, we imagine there are many

people who are struggling. We know that healing takes place when

we are in community. Positive support improves outlook and



A Circle of Two is a peer-to-peer conversation based on

active listening and resource referral, as needed. We will listen with

confidentiality, compassion, and curiosity. We will honor each

person’s ability to heal themselves.


We are not a Crisis Hotline. We do not give medical or other advice.

We are not a 12-step program. We do not offer therapy.


If you would like to arrange for a Circle of Two, please contact us at, share your name, phone number,  and good times for you to receive a call. A host will respond shortly to schedule a time convenient to both of you.