Special Letters with Cynthia Trenshaw. (By appt. only)

March 6, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Free, donations gratefully accepted.
Cynthia Trenshaw

Special Letters

Is there a message inside you that yearns, “I wish I could tell them . . .”?

You want to tell someone:

how much they mean to you

that you’re sorry

that you have such happy memories

that you have felt hurt by them

You want to share with someone:

what wisdom feels important to bequeath to them

what you’ve valued in your life

what you hope for them

But how do you get that message from your heart onto paper?

Healing Circles Langley invites you to create a Special Letter with the help of Cynthia Trenshaw as the Listener. She enters into conversation with you, sorts through your ideas, hears your hesitations, emotions, confusions, and your words that right now are all jumbled together.

A Special Letter Listener is partly interviewer, partly stenographer, fully attentive. Cynthia takes careful notes, asks gentle questions, intuits what’s in your heart to say, and she does this in a way that feels safe for your precious message.

After a conversation lasting an hour or so, Cynthia will take her notes from your conversation and transcribes them into a Special Letter that conveys your message in your own words – organized and unscrambled – and available to you to edit, alter, and amend as needed. She will be available to help you with these refinements if you wish.

To schedule an appointment with Cynthia on a first Friday, or at another time convenient to both of you, you may contact her at trenshaw@whidbey.com