Come in to our center and remember how much fun it is to be together. 

Healing circles help us step out of ordinary time into a safe and accepting environment in which we can explore our healing, enrich our wholeness, and enjoy the benefits of community.

Together, we explore ways of deepening our capacity to heal, alleviating our suffering, and finding meaning in both challenge and joy. 

We offer four broad categories of circles:

  • Healing circles are safe environments for those who share a common experience—whether of illness, life challenge, pain, or loss. In healing circles, we recognize that we aren’t alone and harvest collective wisdom.
  • Coming together circles are for those who share an interest in a topic, a healing skill, or simply want to connect. We also provide free, self-care classes in our center and sliding-scale classes at Soundview Center through our Roots of Wellness program.
  • Discovery circles are for those who gain insight through inner exploration and creative expression through the arts.
  • Caring circles support those who care for others, whether as a family member, friend, or professional.

Current and upcoming circles

Coming Together Circles

  • Coming together today (coming soon)
  • Healing into life and death (still online)
  • A year to live (full)
  • BIPOC grannies (full)
  • Men’s circle (full)
  • Upping our joy (coming)
  • LGBTQ (coming in fall)

Healing Circles

  • Healing from chronic pain (in person)
  • Living with depression (coming)
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Caregivers (full)
  • Cancer (express interest)
  • Grief (express interest)

Expressive Arts (Discovery Circles)

  • Expressive arts (coming)
  • Poetry apothecary (still online)
  • Dance

Roots of Wellness

  • Tai Chi (Soundview)
  • Yoga? (Soundview)
  • DBT (online; coming into HCL)
  • Meditation (online: ??)
Two women hugging
Two women creating collages

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