Our healing circles are safe places to face life’s challenges in community. Together, we explore ways of deepening our capacity to heal, alleviating our suffering, and finding meaning in both challenge and joy.

So for whatever is on your heart today, we invite you to join a circle whether in person or online. Our circles are small, confidential, and free of charge.

Online circles are available through Healing Circles Global. In-person circles are returning to Healing Circles Langley. If you’re interested in co-hosting a circle, please fill out the survey on this page.

Healing from Chronic Pain

Every Friday
3 to 5 pm
Hybrid: Healing Circles Langley or online

Our circle is a nurturing, supportive place where anyone impacted by chronic pain can explore and engage in their own healing. We’ll share our stories and strategies for minimizing pain, alleviating suffering, and appreciating ourselves as whole people.To join us via Zoom, please send email to Tim for the link.

Living with Cancer

Monday, January 30
Healing Circles Langley

If you’ve been newly diagnosed, are at the beginning, in the middle of, or beyond treatment, or if you’ve lived with cancer for a while, we invite you to join our healing circle. It’s a safe place to find meaning in the challenge of cancer, bear witness to your own or others’ suffering and loss, and explore your choices and capacity for healing. For more information, contact Diana.

Living with Loss

Healing Circles Langley

The losses we sustain vary greatly. Losing a partner or spouse, a job, a daily routine, a dream, a hope for a better future, a loving relationship, all these experiences can result in grief and suffering. We often feel disenfranchised from our grief and deprived of our healing if we’re not supported. In this circle, all loss is validated so we may safely grieve.

Huh?? Hearing, understanding, healing

3-4:30 pm
Healing Circles Langley

This circle helps couples navigate the challenges in relationship when one or both start to lose their hearing. For more information, contact Deborah.