Circles of Two

The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention.

Rachel Naomi Remen

As humans, we are happier and healthier when we have someone to talk to when we need it.

So if you’re newly diagnosed, at a turning point, or simply need to connect, ask for a Circle of Two. We’ll listen, help you in whatever way we can, or assist you in finding additional community resources. We can offer an attentive ear to whatever your day’s concern is—whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

There are three simple ways to connect:

  1. Drop by Monday-Friday, from 10-2.
  2. Call us at 360-221-4101 and leave a voice mail and we’ll get back to you during our next drop-in hours.
  3. Email us at:

Our volunteers are trained in peer-to-peer co-counseling methods such as active listening and clear reflection. Circle hosts do not offer medical or other advice or therapy.

The same circle agreements apply:

  • We treat each other with kindness and respect.
  • We listen with compassion and curiosity.
  • We honor each other’s unique ways to healing and don’t presume to advise or fix or try to save each other.
  • We hold all stories shared in the Circle confidential.
  • We trust each of us has guidance we need within us and we rely on the power of silence to access it.

When a Circle of Two might be helpful

  • “I’ve just been diagnosed with a life-altering illness.”

  • “My loved one has been diagnosed and I’m concerned about being the caregiver.”

  • “I’ve just lost a loved one.”

  • “I (or my loved one) have a chronic illness and I’m having trouble coping with it.”

  • “I’m at a turning point in my life.”

  • “I’m having a bad day and I’m lonely.”

  • “I don’t know why I’m here. I just wanted to talk with someone.”