Healing Circles Langley is a:

  • Nurturing supportIve space

    where anyone impacted by cancer, a life-changing condition, or loss can explore and engage in their own healing.

  • Safe sanctuary

    that invites a step outside the ordinary flow of time… a respite… a recess… a retreat for deep inner listening.

  • Community

    where all of us—regardless of age or health—can expand our capacity for healing, living, and aging well.

Welcome Back!

We’ve missed you. Please drop by for a Circle of Two. Check out the space, tell us your story of the pandemic, or share whatever is on your heart today. Our volunteers are trained listeners who respect confidentiality. We’re open Monday-Friday 10-2.


Holy Nights: An evening of Poetry and Music with Judith Adams and Peggy Taylor, December 28 at Soundview Center, 7-8:30.

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Langley Events

To view all local events currently offered at Healing Circles Langley, Soundview Center, and online, please see the Langley events page.

Global Events

Members of the Whidbey community are also welcome to join online circles offered through Healing Circles Global to connect with each other and the world.

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