Calling all Whidbey community members and lovers of the Whidbey community. COVID required us to close our doors and re-invent our programs. To support our local community and broader communities, we went online and established Healing Circles Global.

These online programs have supported individual growth, resilience and community compassion and sharing. Now, we want to bring the magic back to our community at Healing Circles Langley, and we need your help! We’re entering an exciting time as we collectively answer the question: What’s next Whidbey?

If you would like to volunteer; train as a host; offer wellness programs, community conversations or learning opportunities; organize social or family events, or develop other ways to connect in community, we need you!

Volunteering makes us all feel better, increasing our health and happiness. Healing Circles Langley offers easy, meaningful ways to give back to the Whidbey community, and our volunteers have found a home here.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please give us a sense of what you’d enjoy doing most by filling out and submitting this form.