Healing Circles Langley is deeply rooted in community. Without community, no individual can thrive. In community, we grow and support ourselves and one another. Like a grove of trees, we share our wisdom and resources to become stronger and more resilient.

For thousands of years, people have gathered in the woods, among the trees, around campfires to share their experience and their stories. Please help us keep this light burning for our community.

Our circles provide a safe place to bear witness to it all. Together, we explore ways of deepening our capacity to live, navigate our healing, alleviate our suffering, step into our wholeness, and find meaning in both times of challenge and joy.

Healing Circles Langley is a program of Commonweal, a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization. Consequently, your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Commonweal has partnered with Give Lively to securely process your donation. This transaction will appear on your bank statement as “Commonweal” and is subject to Give Lively’s Terms and Privacy.

Have questions or need help? Call 415.868.0970 or send email.

Ways to give

Brand new seedling

Plant a seed

Give per event

Consider donating each time you take part in a Healing Circles Langley event—for example, simply drop the equivalent of a cup of coffee or a yoga class into our donation box. You can also plant seeds for others who are unable to donate.

Hands holding evergreen seedling

Help seeds take root

Give monthly

Healing Circles Langley is a “greenhouse” in whose fertile soil new programs take root. Consider  helping to sustain the programs from which you benefit most by giving a monthly donation.

Water pouring out of watering can spout

Tend a program

Give annually

Like sunlight, air, and water, your donation can help the program you benefit from most thrive so it can continue to nourish yourself and others. An annual donation can help Healing Circles Langley programs grow and bear fruit.

Towering evergreen trees

Steward the forest

Sustaining planned and creative giving

Forests continually renew themselves as they mature from seedlings to old-growth forests. Creative gifts such as securities, life insurance, IRAs, living trusts, charitable gift annuities, can benefit generations to come.