Guidelines for Offerings at Healing Circles Langley

If you have an idea for a circle or event that you’d like to offer at Healing Circles Langley, please take a look at the following guidelines.

If after reviewing the guidelines you feel what you have in mind fits within our mission, follow the link at the bottom of that page to our Proposal for Offering form.

Thank you for your interest in offering your services or talents to Healing Circles Langley!

Who we are

Healing Circles Langley provides emotional and social support to anyone impacted by cancer, other chronic conditions, grief and loss, as well as those just looking ahead with either anxiety or anticipation about life as it unfolds.

We are a charitable organization based on the dual premise that 1) everyone has the inherent ability to influence their own healing, and 2) it is easier to access that ability when surrounded by a supportive community.

How we work

Healing Circles Langley is also a social experiment in that we while offer our services for free, they’re not free to offer. Our assumption is that if what Healing Circles offers is valuable and necessary support for the community, the community will value and support Healing Circles. To that end, everyone who offers their time or talents here is an unpaid volunteer.

What to expect

We are not a clinic and have no intention to become one for a variety of reasons. However, local service providers sometimes offer their skills here for free—for which we are grateful—but it is on an ad hoc basis and for a specific duration and/or frequency. No one “sets up shop” here nor is Healing Circles an incubator space for new professional practices.

In that same vein, offering services at Healing Circles Langley should not be approached as an additional revenue stream for the practitioner, at least not directly. If a recipient of one of the free sessions at Healing Circles becomes an ongoing patient at the practitioner’s office or studio afterward… wonderful! The session(s) offered here, though, must be considered a gift by the practitioner in support of both our community and Healing Circles Langley.

Benefit to the practitioner

We would hope that any offering at Healing Circles Langley would be beneficial to the practitioner in practical as well as esoteric ways:

  • Introduction or exposure to potential clientele
  • Opportunity to practice skills
  • Ability to clearly delineate pro bono and paid services by location
  • Integration into a larger healing community
  • General well being that comes from offering something you’re good at to those in need
Benefit to Healing Circles Langley

We get to know you and what you have to offer as a private practitioner in our wonderful community!

There’s also potential financial benefit for us. We appreciate donations from those who avail themselves of Healing Circles Langley, but do not expect them. If, however, a grateful recipient insists on offering some remuneration after a session (no tip jars, please!), we ask that they be directed to the donation box by the door on the way out to help with our operating costs. If the recipient insists on “tipping” the practitioner specifically or exclusively, we suggest it be politely declined with a no-pressure suggestion to become a regular patron of a private practice, or graciously accepted and put in the donation box anyway.

Next Steps

If you would like to pursue your generous offering to our community, please send your idea to the Healing Circles Langley Program Director. We will review it with our steering committee and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!