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Thank you for considering a planned gift—it’s one of the most impactful ways you can support and sustain the work of Healing Circles Langley. You may be able to save on taxes, receive income for life, or enjoy other financial benefits—all while helping to support access to healing circles for all who benefit. Explore your giving options here or contact Healing Circles Langley by using the form below.

There are many ways you can leave a legacy gift to Healing Circles Langley and, at the same time, provide yourself and your loved ones with significant tax benefits. With careful planning, it may be possible to reduce income taxes and transfer taxes. Working with an estate planning professional will help you maximize your personal benefits and allow you to make gifts you might not have thought possible. You can enjoy tax savings while turning appreciated assets into an income for yourself or others. Planned giving is a tool that helps you achieve your goals for Healing Circles Langley while enhancing your personal financial plans and security.

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